A poison pawn is a chess move in which you sacrifice a pawn in order to get the edge and win the game.


To us, chess is really a mindset. It's a mentality where every detail matters and every move you make is important. Our pieces are designed with elegance and edge to embody the spirit of today while respecting the ancient wisdom and principles of the game.


We want you to feel the significance of your moves and believe in the power of your own possibility.





I was always drawn to ways to improve my mind and well-being and when I met my husband the game of chess became our way to connect and learn about each other. For me, it’s creating moments that surround the game that I really love. We cultivated an entire lifestyle around the game that were incorporated into the daily occasions in our lives: an afternoon poolside with good friends, a day out sailing with a picnic, or bar hopping – one drink, one game, next spot, repeat. I started using the culinary skills I learned while living in Paris to craft delicious foods we could enjoy with one hand while moving pieces with the other. What’s better than combining a refreshing cocktail, exquisite food, mind stimulation, and great company?


As an art history major, I see art in everything I love. Our chess sets are funcitonal art designed to be modern, chic and edgy. I look forward to sharing my passion so that others can join me in pursuit of mindful fun!

Rebecca Makowsky, Poison Pawn Chess
Seth Makowsky, Poison Pawn Chess with Malik Willis, College Quarterback


Throughout my career running and advising organizations, I would often find myself in really complex situations. I began to see life as an intricate game and imagined what it would be like to make all the right moves, at the right times, for the right reasons. I was drawn to the idea of using chess to obtain that innate sixth sense to see many moves ahead that others couldn’t. I love chess but it’s the theory behind the game that intrigued me most. I set out on a journey to learn how I could apply this to my own life and figured out how to improve my own focus and ability to move past things that my mind used to get hung up on. I realized I had developed a way to rewire my mind that led to making better decisions off the board.

Now, my training method combines the universal truths, principles, and strategies of the ancient game with elite-level coaching to help sports teams, Fortune 500 companies, and world-class performers to achieve peak performance. My client list includes top Olympic and collegiate athletes, NFL Quarterbacks, MVP baseball players, CEOs, and A-list celebrities.