Our Journey


The game drew us together. Our first dates were chess matches that would continue late into the night. We'd play with hustlers in the park, poolside with friends, and at bars and restaurants with one another. We had a chess set with us wherever we went. The more we played, the more conscious we were of how the look and feel of the chess set affected how we experienced the game.


We searched endlessly for chess sets we loved that fit our lifestyle. But they didn't exist. Traditional pieces felt old-fashioned, like relics of another age. More modern pieces seemed to be made for looks alone but they lacked soul. To us, chess wasn’t an heirloom or a trophy. It was part of our life.


So, we set out to create our own chess sets. We started from scratch. We consulted sculptors, artisans, designers, masters, and historians because we wanted to create original works of art that were true to the game. Every detail, millimeter, and ounce mattered. Our chess pieces were designed to embody beauty and integrity, allowing you to focus on what really matters...Your Next Move.


Seth and Rebecca 

We want to change the way you see the game,
on and off the board.

Chess. Reimagined.

Throughout history, chess has reflected the spirit of the time. We've reimagined chess pieces for a new era. Our sets combine sleek minimalist lines, contemporary materials, with timeless design for both elegance and edge. Our sets are as beautiful to look at as they are rewarding to play.


Each chess piece is its own sculpture designed with proper proportions and principles. Every detail of form and function has been considered. Our perfectly weighted diamond-hollow pieces are as dynamic as the game itself. You will feel the significance of every decision you make and become a master of your own possibility.

Life. Reimagined.

Every single day, the moves you make determine the flow of your life. At POISON PAWN ACADEMY, we use chess to train your brain, enhance critical thinking skills, and optimize performance – on and off the chessboard. Our training methods have effectively helped top athletes, executives, strategizers, and enthusiasts master their minds to achieve the extra edge on the board, on the field, and in life. Are you ready?

Join The Movement


At Poison Pawn, chess is more than a diversion. It’s an antidote to mindlessness and a testament to the value of focus and visualization. We imagined POISON PAWN as a destination for those who want to expand their minds and take advantage of everything our chess lifestyle and chess mindset has to offer.



poi·son pawn / ̇poiz(ə)n pôn/

A chess move in which you sacrifice a pawn in order to gain advantage and win the game.

Make your move.

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