Who we are

poi·son pawn / ̇poiz(ə)n pôn/

A chess move in which you sacrifice a pawn in order to gain advantage and win the game.

In chess, as in life, every decision makes a difference. Every move you make matters. We designed our chess sets for you to feel the significance of every move you make. Our perfectly weighted diamond-hollow pieces are as dynamic as the game itself. Every millimeter has been considered. Our sets function with true integrity and adherence to the principles of the game, allowing you to focus on what really matters. Your next move.  

What we do

At POISON PAWN, we use the power of chess to upgrade your mindset, on and off the board. We use chess like a playing field to train your brain to make stronger, more forceful decisions in your life. Our mindset training workshops are designed to help you rewire your weaknesses and amplify your strengths for maximum advantage in everything you do. We want to inspire you to see, feel, and believe in the power of possibility.

Our mission is to help you make the best moves in every area of you life.

Why we do it


POISON PAWN chess sets will change the way you see the game, and our mindset training will transform the way you see the world. Our chess set + mindset training is all geared to help you master your mind for greater success on the field, in the boardroom, and in life.


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