Throughout my career leading organizations, I would often find myself in really complex situations that required making the right moves, at the right times, for the right reasons. I began to imagine life as a game and was drawn to the idea of using chess to obtain that innate sixth sense to see many moves ahead. While I played chess as a kid I was never a chess prodigy. It was the theory behind the game that intrigued me most. I set out on a journey to learn how the theory behind the game could be applied to make fast, accurate, impactful decisions in my personal and professional life.


I began training, every day, with top chess grandmasters from around the world. I flew to New York to study with chess masters and would also play with hustlers in Union Square Park who employed a completely different playing style. I craved to learn even more. I sought out masters from all over the globe, from Russia to South America, who specialize in different areas and trained with them for hours every single day. I discerned who was really great at chess but not necessarily a great teacher. I had the self-awareness to scout out his own strengths and weaknesses. I sifted out what I felt worked and improved how I approached my life and what didn’t. I figured out how to improve my own focus and ability to move past things that my mind used to get hung up on. I was able to extract the most meaningful theories and codify them in a way that applies to life. I realized I had developed a way to re-wire my own mind to make better decisions off the board. My career and personal life flourished as my life gained more clarity.

Now I’ve taken my knowledge and experience of transformation and codified it to help you achieve a sustainable competitive edge. My training method takes the universal truths, principles, and strategies of the ancient game and combines them with elite-level coaching to help sports teams, Fortune 500 companies, and world-class performers to achieve peak performance. My client list includes top professional, Olympic, and collegiate sports teams, NFL Quarterbacks, MVP baseball players, CEOs, and A-list celebrities.

Think about your own life. If you look back and imagine making all the right moves in the past, what traps would you have avoided? What unnecessary stresses, hardships, and pain would you avoid? Picture being able to move forward with the confidence of knowing that you’re constantly recognizing the right moves and making them at the right time. Imagine having that extra edge now.